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17:24 20 Jul, 2018 Factory to be built in Aramus 16:16 20 Jul, 2018 Company fined for selling vodka under another’s name 12:37 20 Jul, 2018 Parliament Vice Speaker meets Slovak and Bulgarian business executives 11:25 20 Jul, 2018 Deputy PM’s Washington meetings 22:28 19 Jul, 2018 High officials visit N 92 inclusive kindergarten 22:00 19 Jul, 2018 Armenia to celebrate Homenetmen anniversary on July 19-29 21:21 19 Jul, 2018 Locals and environmentalist clash over Dilijan National Park 21:12 19 Jul, 2018 Green zone not to be turned to service area 21:09 19 Jul, 2018 Armenia becomes member of Ancient Civilizations Forum 21:03 19 Jul, 2018 Taron Margaryan to be questioned 21:01 19 Jul, 2018 Turkey ends state of emergency after two years 20:32 19 Jul, 2018 US-Armenia relations should be on higher level, says First Deputy PM 17:34 19 Jul, 2018 Culprits must be punished, Pashinyan says 17:23 19 Jul, 2018 Anti-Russian protests in front of White House 17:16 19 Jul, 2018 Russia reforms pension law 17:00 19 Jul, 2018 Pyunik's hopes for Europa League stay alive 13:26 19 Jul, 2018 Israel announced Jewish nation-state 13:22 19 Jul, 2018 Nokia ringtone to replace church bells in Lucerne 21:27 18 Jul, 2018 Russian prankers make another call on behalf of Pashinyan 21:21 18 Jul, 2018 The creative spirit of the memorial master 21:18 18 Jul, 2018 Criminal Agenda 21:12 18 Jul, 2018 Armenia sends aid to Syria 21:09 18 Jul, 2018 Defense Ministry discusses Panik incident 21:03 18 Jul, 2018 Russian base issues formal apology 20:27 18 Jul, 2018 Kanazi Culture House given to 17:19 18 Jul, 2018 North-South Road construction continues 16:59 18 Jul, 2018 First Deputy PM reads report at UN 16:08 18 Jul, 2018 EU to provide financial aid to Syrian-Armenians 13:25 18 Jul, 2018 High temperatures cause Lake Sevan go green 13:13 18 Jul, 2018 13 killed over land dispute in Mexico
Photo series: Early in the Morning with new cast of hosts, Ordyan on First Channel

Photo series: Early in the Morning with new cast of hosts, Ordyan on First Channel

16:26 04 Sep, 2017

The audience will watch Early in the Morning in the new season of the First Channel with a changed cast of hosts. In this season every workday morning, the long-term beloved host of the First Channel Marat Ordyan will greet our compatriots in the morning together with Tina Khachatryan, Arman Margaryan and Hermine Stepanyan. The hosts will present the cultural, educational and public happenings, will talk to interesting guests and tell about important events in harmony with the rhythm of the day. Early in the Morning will be live on the First Channel each working day from 09:30 to 11:45.

In the new season, Early in the Morning will be full of new rubrics – social, health, cultural, educational, entertainment and sport programs. Note that the new autumn season of the Public Television officially starts on September 11, announcing the beginning of a number of new and fresh programs and interesting projects. 

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Photo series: Early in the Morning with new cast of hosts, Ordyan on First Channel


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