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Aram MP3 and Garik Papoyan return to Public Television

Aram MP3 and Garik Papoyan return to Public Television

16:00 07 Sep, 2017

Beloved comedians Aram MP3 and Garik Papoyan will host a new TV show in the autumn season of the Public Television. The project Nice Evening will be on screens each Friday, after the main issue of the news program Agenda.

The project is in the late-night show format, famous and popular in the whole world. Within the framework of the program the hosts will receive people known in Armenia and in the world and will discuss the noteworthy and important events occurred during the week. The meeting will have a non-official format. The program will be full of comedic sketches, musical numbers and many funny and interesting videos. Together with the hosts, the guests will participate in entertaining and interactive games.

Nice Evening promises to guarantee the good mood and the entertainment of the audience.

The new autumn season of the Public Television will officially begin in the end of September, announcing the start of a series of new and fresh programs and interesting projects.

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Aram MP3 and Garik Papoyan return to Public Television


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