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15:47 20 Սեպ, 2017 “Traces of War”: German director’s film on post-war Artsakh 15:38 20 Սեպ, 2017 Michel Legrand and Ornella Muti are in Yerevan 15:23 20 Սեպ, 2017 Victim toll of Mexico earthquake surpasses 200 15:06 20 Սեպ, 2017 UN Secretary-General supports Minsk Group efforts 14:58 20 Սեպ, 2017 RA President: Republic of Artsakh should not enjoy status inferior to the one it enjoys today 22:30 19 Սեպ, 2017 Gold mine exploitation will not damage environment 22:09 19 Սեպ, 2017 Fresh and healthy meat in shops 22:00 19 Սեպ, 2017 Renovated Areni cave welcomes visitors 21:55 19 Սեպ, 2017 Garo Paylan – Armenian MP of Turkish Parliament 21:52 19 Սեպ, 2017 Armenian karateka preparing for Olympic Games 21:48 19 Սեպ, 2017 International agenda: hurricanes in Caribbean basin 21:46 19 Սեպ, 2017 New kindergarten and stadium in Tairov 21:14 19 Սեպ, 2017 Armenian tourism presentation in Moscow 21:09 19 Սեպ, 2017 UN General Assembly begins 21:05 19 Սեպ, 2017 RA PM receives delegation of US House of Representatives 20:00 19 Սեպ, 2017 Diaspora and army: national self-defense 18:40 19 Սեպ, 2017 Armenian side position complies with Minsk Group stance 16:03 19 Սեպ, 2017 Help program to help people with disabilities to protect their rights 15:56 19 Սեպ, 2017 Bomb alert was fake 15:50 19 Սեպ, 2017 Armenian and Iranian businessmen to meet in Meghri-Aras business conference 15:36 19 Սեպ, 2017 One of Azerbaijan lobbyists in PACE resigns 15:21 19 Սեպ, 2017 Sociologists to visit demobilized soldiers 15:19 19 Սեպ, 2017 K. Karapetyan: We have adopted intolerance for corruption 15:03 19 Սեպ, 2017 Armenia-Diaspora conference delegates visit Genocide museum-institute 21:48 18 Սեպ, 2017 Public Television new season begins 21:39 18 Սեպ, 2017 Plunder in St. Giragos Armenian church of Turkey 21:35 18 Սեպ, 2017 Armenia – Sea to Sea premiers in Armenian-Russian University 21:35 18 Սեպ, 2017 International scientific conference in Artsakh 21:28 18 Սեպ, 2017 Sixth Pan-Armenian Armenia-Diaspora conference begins 21:16 18 Սեպ, 2017 International agenda: new hurricanes approaching US shores
The Married League: new sitcom on First Channel

The Married League: new sitcom on First Channel

16:00 12 Սեպ, 2017

A new sitcom will start in the autumn season of the Public Television, under the name The Married League. The sitcom stars Luiza Nersisyan, Ani Petrosyan, Jemma Adamyan, Rafael Yeranosyan, Serzho, Tigran Gyulumyan and other actors. The series will be on the screens from Monday to Thursday, at 20:30.

The sitcom will tell about the everyday life and problems of three married couples. The protagonists are very different, but they are united by married life.

The Married League - this is how one of the protagonists calls the life that people live after the wedding. To live it, you need patience, ability to compromise, humor and hard work. There are no winners and losers in this league, no financial awards; the only reward you can gain is to be happy with your spouse. 

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The Married League: new sitcom on First Channel


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