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21:17 12 Jul, 2018 NATO expands borders 21:11 12 Jul, 2018 Nikol Pashinyan meets leaders of several countries 21:09 12 Jul, 2018 International culture in the city of red roofs 20:36 12 Jul, 2018 Ex-president’s nephew arrested 20:36 12 Jul, 2018 International Agenda: Boys rescued from cave are recovering 20:32 12 Jul, 2018 Ulrich Seidl: “I try to bring the audience to screen” 20:25 12 Jul, 2018 Nikol Pashinyan, Jean-Claude Juncker discuss EU-Armenia relations 19:12 12 Jul, 2018 Nikol Pashinyan’s meetings in Brussels 18:33 12 Jul, 2018 FIFA World Cup draws to end 18:18 12 Jul, 2018 Parliament approves traffic fines pardon bill 18:03 12 Jul, 2018 Wedding in the Motherland 17:40 12 Jul, 2018 European leaders greet Nikol Pashinyan 16:56 12 Jul, 2018 Yerevan Mayor to be elected on July 16 14:33 12 Jul, 2018 International Armenian business executives start project “Build Armenia” 12:25 12 Jul, 2018 PM participates in Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan meeting 21:41 11 Jul, 2018 PM Pashinyan visits Kingdom of Belgium 21:27 11 Jul, 2018 The famous puppet of the theater 21:09 11 Jul, 2018 Trump: US pays NATO too much 20:18 11 Jul, 2018 Asghar Farhadi: First Oscar-winner of Iranian cinema 20:04 11 Jul, 2018 Yerevan City Council to announce Mayor Election Day 19:41 11 Jul, 2018 Pashinyan: Our task is to enforce rule of law in Armenia 19:32 11 Jul, 2018 300 young men return to serve in army 19:19 11 Jul, 2018 Ararat Bank receives 6 million USD from Eurasian Development Bank 19:08 11 Jul, 2018 Parliament convenes extraordinary meeting 19:02 11 Jul, 2018 NATO summit commences in new headquarters 18:14 11 Jul, 2018 Experts: West can send a signal to Russia through Armenia 17:51 11 Jul, 2018 Preliminary environmental exam results of Amulsar to be announced later this month 17:31 11 Jul, 2018 Ronaldo moves to Juventus 17:14 11 Jul, 2018 Brussels agenda of Armenia’s PM 16:36 11 Jul, 2018 “My Armenia” program introduced in Washington
The Married League: new sitcom on First Channel

The Married League: new sitcom on First Channel

16:00 12 Sep, 2017

A new sitcom will start in the autumn season of the Public Television, under the name The Married League. The sitcom stars Luiza Nersisyan, Ani Petrosyan, Jemma Adamyan, Rafael Yeranosyan, Serzho, Tigran Gyulumyan and other actors. The series will be on the screens from Monday to Thursday, at 20:30.

The sitcom will tell about the everyday life and problems of three married couples. The protagonists are very different, but they are united by married life.

The Married League - this is how one of the protagonists calls the life that people live after the wedding. To live it, you need patience, ability to compromise, humor and hard work. There are no winners and losers in this league, no financial awards; the only reward you can gain is to be happy with your spouse. 

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The Married League: new sitcom on First Channel


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