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First International Print Biennale kicks off On October 25

First International Print Biennale kicks off On October 25

17:46 11 Հոկ, 2017

By the initiative of KulturDialogue Foundation, first International Artistic Print Biennale will take place in Yerevan, starting on October 25 in the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art.

In today’s world, producing an art print by means of digital imaging media is easy, while making a printing plate in a traditional technique is rather difficult and time-consuming. It is astonishing though that some artists avoid the easiness of digital image manipulation and accessible printing and prefer the laborious process of dealing with poisonous acids, hazardous solvents, messy and sticky oil based printing inks. Perhaps the essence and the beauty of the art of printmaking are hidden in those long lasting and troublesome processes.

The first International Artistic Print Biennale aims at studying and discovering the modern developments and tendencies in the traditional artistic print.

449 works from 50 countries will present 449 works at the Biennale.

The international jury includes famous specialists from Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, Pland and Armenia (Inga Heamägi from Estonia, Achim Könneke from Germany, Mateusz Otręba from Poland, Alexandra Stähli from Switzerland, Sona Harutyunyan from Armenia).

The committee of the Biennale has prepared a grand prix, and awards for the first, second and third places. Certificates will be awarded to some works.

Yerevan Biennale will become a new international platform for the regional artists engaged in artistic printing and will spur the interest of the sector specialists, students and art lovers to this branch of art.

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