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Parliament discusses Occupation Law modifications bill

Parliament discusses Occupation Law modifications bill

13:34 14 Nov, 2017

The four-day session of the Parliament began with a protest. A group of traders again complained of the fiscal policy. They sent a letter to four parties and mentioned that the controls are organized with rigid bureaucracy. The MPs from Tsarukyan Alliance have offered to put the issue on the agenda. The vice speaker of the Parliament urged to present observations during the announcement hour. Today the Parliament is discussing the modifications of the Occupation law. It provides financial assistance to mothers, who are on maternity leave to care for children up to three years old, if they decided to come back to work before the child is two. The opposition wondered if this policy is for taxing babysitters or supporting mothers. The Social Affairs Minister countered that the program will be on a voluntary basis. Citizens can decline it. The legislative body have started the second reading of the bill on Military Service, which includes a clause limiting the right to postponement of military service.

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