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Armen Sargsyan: candidate of fourth RA President

Armen Sargsyan: candidate of fourth RA President

21:03 21 Jan, 2018

Last week, the most intriguing internal political question regarding the position of the fourth President of the Republic came to its conclusion. It was announced that RPA’s presidential candidate is Armen Sargsyan, the Ambassador of Armenia to the United Kingdom. Before Serzh Sargsyan would propose the candidacy, the media and political circles have been guessing and denying dozens of names of potential candidates for over a month.

“Armen Sargsyan is a fulfilled scientist, has hold the tenure of RA Prime Minister and has a great diplomatic experience. This is the reason we seriously discussed his candidacy,” said President Sargsyan. He expressed his desire to have the new president elected by the large majority of the Parliament and to have the fourth president of Armenia in the beginning of March.

For the first time, the National Assembly will elect the President of our country. This election is the final phase of adopting a new political system. From that moment, our country will become a parliamentary republic and a period of great changes will commence. 


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