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21:33 11 Dec, 2018 Construction of Stepanakert Mother Cathedral nears completion 21:27 11 Dec, 2018 French-Armenian director’s film to premiere in Golden Apricot 21:21 11 Dec, 2018 Street in Yerevan named after Lemkin 21:18 11 Dec, 2018 Tensions flare in Nor Geghi 21:15 11 Dec, 2018 City Hall urges to remove political posters 21:13 11 Dec, 2018 Court discusses Manvel Grigoryan’s detention extension 21:09 11 Dec, 2018 Three die in Stepanavan fire 21:03 11 Dec, 2018 Order of seat distribution in parliament 21:00 11 Dec, 2018 Vote areas calculate votes 16:53 11 Dec, 2018 Ara Babloyan’s congratulatory address on parliamentary election 16:46 11 Dec, 2018 Nikol Pashinyan answers questions from international journalists 13:33 11 Dec, 2018 Macron declares state of emergency 13:24 11 Dec, 2018 Nikol Pashinyan receives congratulations 13:21 11 Dec, 2018 Government to support autumn sowing in border villages 13:00 11 Dec, 2018 Investigative Committee received 56 reports 21:38 10 Dec, 2018 OSCE/ODIHR declares Armenia election unprecedented 21:30 10 Dec, 2018 Mirzoyan Quartet performs in hospital 21:24 10 Dec, 2018 President congratulates parties succeeded in election 21:15 10 Dec, 2018 Artsakh celebrates anniversary of Independence Referendum 21:12 10 Dec, 2018 Political experts talk about future Parliament 21:06 10 Dec, 2018 Police records 252 violation of electoral law 21:00 10 Dec, 2018 President attends Third Global Forum against the Crime of Genocide 18:17 10 Dec, 2018 Macron to deliver speech on situation in France 17:56 10 Dec, 2018 “Spitak” premiers in Los Angeles 17:33 10 Dec, 2018 Observer missions assess parliamentary election 17:24 10 Dec, 2018 Bright Armenia assesses snap election 17:21 10 Dec, 2018 Political forces make statements post-election 13:51 10 Dec, 2018 Nikol Pashinyan assesses preliminary election result 13:47 10 Dec, 2018 International media discusses Armenian parliamentary election 21:46 09 Dec, 2018 Political campaign online
News on the First Channel

News on the First Channel

13:00 07 Sep, 2018

The news program of the First Channel will be renamed “News” in the new season. The contest announced months ago ended with the selection of new commentators, who have completed the professional staff of the news service. Every day, four times a day, Mamikon Simonyan, Mery Nersisyan, Davit Grigoryan and Ester Mesropyan will announce the main news of the country. Popular commentators Abraham Gasparyan and Kristine Melkonyan will host new programs.

Kristine Melkonyan will interview representatives of different political blocks, professionals of the field and officials in the pavilion of “Actually”. They will shed light upon events and will define expectations. TV interviews of “Actually” will be on air at 22:25 every Friday, as well as during “News” in short format.

At 21:00 every Sunday, “Agenda” political-analytical program will be on air. TV commentator Abraham Gasparyan will analyze the most important internal and external, political, socioeconomic, educational, cultural, as well as international events of the week.

You can follow “News” also on the official YouTube page of the program.  

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