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12:59 22 Oct, 2018 Kond locals share their issues 12:29 22 Oct, 2018 Cinematographer Gagik Hambardzumyan dies in US 12:20 22 Oct, 2018 State to cover drug-eluting stents 12:05 22 Oct, 2018 Sarahart elects community leader 11:09 22 Oct, 2018 Local elections in Shirak 15:41 19 Oct, 2018 Yerevan 2800: Celebrate Together with the First Channel 14:34 19 Oct, 2018 Moscow church keeps Saint Barbara relics 14:15 19 Oct, 2018 Khachkar unveiled in Poland for Armenian-Polish friendship 14:08 19 Oct, 2018 Police investigates incident at Vanadzor school 13:58 19 Oct, 2018 New Armavir governor confident in his abilities 21:33 18 Oct, 2018 Acclaimed photographer Ara Güler dies at 90 21:27 18 Oct, 2018 Aznavour’s poems in Armenian 21:21 18 Oct, 2018 Right-hand-drive cars importers protest in Bagratashen 21:18 18 Oct, 2018 Georgian Diocese against state registry 21:12 18 Oct, 2018 Armenian Foreign Minister reacts to former U.S. Ambassador statement 21:09 18 Oct, 2018 Largest cryptomining farm in Armenia 21:03 18 Oct, 2018 Acting PM claims working relations with Azerbaijan 20:48 18 Oct, 2018 Park renovation will not be over on City Day 20:18 18 Oct, 2018 ECHR releases new rulings on March 1 case 18:45 18 Oct, 2018 People expect constructive work from public system, says Pashinyan 18:07 18 Oct, 2018 Most lucrative deal in sport history signed 17:34 18 Oct, 2018 Newborn twins found at orphanage yard 17:16 18 Oct, 2018 International news: Crimea attack victims known 14:16 18 Oct, 2018 Nikol Pashinyan meets President Sarkissian 12:50 18 Oct, 2018 Arshaluys demands resignation of community head 12:26 18 Oct, 2018 Three parties compete in Jrashen election 21:33 17 Oct, 2018 Pashinyan meets Arshaluys locals 21:21 17 Oct, 2018 New prospects open for Armenian-Russian partnership 21:21 17 Oct, 2018 Anna Hakobyan meets Matevosyan Fund director 21:18 17 Oct, 2018 “Red Lines” issue enters agenda
News on the First Channel

News on the First Channel

13:00 07 Sep, 2018

The news program of the First Channel will be renamed “News” in the new season. The contest announced months ago ended with the selection of new commentators, who have completed the professional staff of the news service. Every day, four times a day, Mamikon Simonyan, Mery Nersisyan, Davit Grigoryan and Ester Mesropyan will announce the main news of the country. Popular commentators Abraham Gasparyan and Kristine Melkonyan will host new programs.

Kristine Melkonyan will interview representatives of different political blocks, professionals of the field and officials in the pavilion of “Actually”. They will shed light upon events and will define expectations. TV interviews of “Actually” will be on air at 22:25 every Friday, as well as during “News” in short format.

At 21:00 every Sunday, “Agenda” political-analytical program will be on air. TV commentator Abraham Gasparyan will analyze the most important internal and external, political, socioeconomic, educational, cultural, as well as international events of the week.

You can follow “News” also on the official YouTube page of the program.  

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