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Armenia's Eurovision postcard shooting completed

Armenia's Eurovision postcard shooting completed

10:43 21 Ապր, 2017

Armenia has finished the shooting of Eurvosion 2017 postcard, which will air right before Artsvik’s Eurovision performance. According to the decision made by contest organizers, this year’s postcards have been made with participation of Public TV Company creative teams of each of the member countries.

Armenia’s postcard includes the most memorable and impressive moment from Artsvik’s life - her victory at “Depi Evratesil” music contest. Apart from this, the postcard also includes Artsvik’s first parasailing experience, which she has always dreamt about, in addition to her greatest dream to participate in Eurovision. During the flight Artsvik was accompanied by her entry song “Fly With Me”, authors Avet Barseghyan and Lilith Navasardyan. Similar to the song lyrics, they all called Euroviison fans to Fly with Artsvik.

“I have experienced an unforgettable parasailing, which has left me with tons of impressions and emotions”, Artsvik said. I can’t tell what I felt while being that close to the clouds. I hope the postcard will convey my emotions instead.

Noravank was chosen as an ideal venue for the shooting, since the monastery depicts the uniqueness and beauty of Armenia. The postcard also features Artsvik’s friendly meeting accompanied by wine drinking in the company of backing vocals Anoushik Ter-Ghukasyan, Amalya Margaryan, Victoria Poghosyan and the song co-author Davit Tserunyan. The meeting symbolizes the Armenian tradition of wine drinking during feasts.

The shooting was conducted in association with “Skyball’ company and “Malocco” café.

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Armenia's Eurovision postcard shooting completed