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Waiting for Mkhitaryan’s first match in Arsenal

Waiting for Mkhitaryan’s first match in Arsenal

21:45 29 Jan, 2018

Premier League’s Swansea-Arsenal match can become Mkhitaryan’s first with the Gunners. Arsenal’s manager Arsène Wenger stresses that there are no unreachable areas for Mkhitaryan.

British media clams that today Henrikh Mkhitaryan will take the field for the first time in Arsenal. The Gunners are playing Swansea in the 25th matchday of the English Premier League. According to the media, Mkhitaryan will play in the right wing of the attack. Before the match, Arsenal’s manager announced, “It’s my challenge to get him to express his incredible talent.” Wenger also apologized to Armenians for his scarce knowledge of geography. “I first thought Mkhitaryan was from Turkey. When I studied him, I found out that he’s Armenian, the leader of the Armenian National Team. I hope Armenians will forgive me for my scarce knowledge of geography,” said Wenger.

Armenpress cited Mkhitaryan’s words from his latest interview. The Armenian international said that it is very important for a player to be respected by the manager. According to him, Wenger is a great manager.

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