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Exclusive election debate live on Public Television

Exclusive election debate live on Public Television

14:14 05 Dec, 2018

An unprecedented election debate will take place live on the First Channel right after the news program. The Public Television will give its audience a unique possibility to listen to the programs and visions of the political forces participating in the snap parliamentary election from the leaders of the forces.

This formula of debates was first developed by international debate advisor Jeffrey David Fox. It corresponds to all the standards of international debate.

This debate gives a chance to present political programs in neutral and equal conditions.

Moderators Armen Dulyan and Kristine Melkonyan will coordinate the election debate.

Each leader of the political forces will have an introductory speech. It will be followed by questions from the moderators regarding the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and security, as well as economic development and fight against corruption. After listening to all the answers, the candidates will have the chance to ask questions. After the end of the debate, all the participants will deliver a closing speech.

Within the framework of the election campaign, every day the representatives of the eleven political parties discuss diverse issues on the Public Television. This debate with the participation of the leaders of the parties is the natural continuation of the campaign.

The Public Television thanks all the political forces for their participation in all the platforms of the electoral campaign.


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